Stefano B. Ceroni – Corso & Rhude Family Law

Few would argue there is anything more important in life than one’s family. Unfortunately, as we all know, families frequently face extreme difficulties and conflict, often resulting in a need for transition. Change, however, can be a very scary thought, especially when you’re dealing with changing the most intimate parts of your life. As a person who has experienced dramatic change in his life many times, Scottsdale divorce attorney Stefano Ceroni knows just how crucial this time can be.

During law school, Stefano made a conscious decision to seek practice in the area of family law in order to help those who needed assistance during these most trying times. As most can surely assume, divorce is rarely the result of a relationship that is free from high conflict. As such, emotions are always at the forefront of Stefano’s cases, and handling these emotions can often be the most difficult aspect of his job. In order to be a successful family law attorney, Stefano believes one must be able to distinguish between their client’s positions and underlying interests, and manage their expectations in a way that will allow them to live successfully, both during the process itself, and after the final decree is entered.

Stefano’s greatest strengths have always revolved around the skills most useful in conflict resolution, namely: negotiation, creative thinking and oral/written advocacy. These skills, combined with his own personal experience surrounding high-conflict divorce, provide him with the requisite tools necessary to represent clients in the most difficult of divorce and custody matters.

Family law’s exceedingly unique consideration for how the parties’ will live beyond their current conflict creates a dynamic often missing from traditional litigation. Finding a way to protect a client’s interest, while still allowing for this dynamic, is always a struggle. It is Stefano’s goal to help people receive the short-term protection they are often most fearful of while still looking out for their long-term needs. In order to do this, Stefano serves his clients as both their attorney and their counselor. Often times, this means going beyond the mere providence of legal support and into the realm of emotional guidance. In order to successfully do this, Stefano always make it a point to truly listen to his clients and be available for them when they have nowhere else to turn.

As a born and raised New Yorker, Stefano infuses a big city work ethic and no-nonsense mentality into each and every one of his endeavors. As a former Division I college athlete, Stefano knows just how important it is to go the extra mile for his legal team and his clients. After graduating from Boston College with degrees in both sociology and history, Stefano advanced his education by attending law school at Hofstra University in New York. While in New York, Stefano gained valuable experience working in the legal fields of real estate, zoning and land use regulation.

Since moving to the greater Phoenix area, Stefano has dedicated himself to the exclusive practice of family law. Stefano has successfully handled cases ranging from simple divorce to those involving third-party rights, complex property distribution, spousal maintenance, community waste, domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse, child relocation, same-sex custody, post-decree parenting time, legal decision making and child/spousal support modifications.

Prior to joining Corso & Rhude, Stefano worked as an associate attorney with a highly respected Phoenix law firm whose practice specialized in family law matters. While at Corso & Rhude, Stefano has expanded his extensive family law knowledge base by working side-by-side with Corso & Rhude’s preeminent criminal defense and personal injury attorneys. As a result, Stefano has become even more adept at strategically managing family law cases that involve domestic violence, DUIs and allegations of criminal misconduct.

The son of a professional violinist and former Radio City Rockette, Stefano is not a stranger to the spotlight and big stage. Growing up in the cultural epicenter of New York has truly provided Stefano with the experience and expertise to effectively communicate across all demographics, making his customer service skills second to none.

In his free time, Stefano enjoys spending time with his wife (who is also a family law attorney), three dogs and extended family and friends. Stefano is an avid sports fan who loves playing golf, softball and football. Stefano is also an enthusiast of fine foods and wine; a passion he developed while working in the infamous New York restaurant scene.